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John, 23
Lost 80 lbs
"I was thinking that this diet will be just like all the others and not work, but, gave it a try anyway."
My name is John. I am 23 years old and have been overweight for most of my life.
I have always found it very hard to lose weight and as I got older it became even harder because of socializing, always hanging out with my friends and being insulin resistant. After seeing my Mom lose weight with the Fit for Life Medical Center diet, I decided that I was going to also join in and try “another” diet. I was thinking that this diet will be just like all the others and not work, but, I’d give it a try.
I spent many years embarrassed to take my shirt off and it really interfered with my comfort socializing. My stomach would become irritated from sweating and become very painful. That interfered with working out at the gym and other physical activities. The worst was when I couldn’t get on the roller coaster at an amusement park because I was too big. With all these thoughts in mind I decided that I had to at least try this new diet, even though I didn’t think it would be any different than the others.
To my extreme surprise, it worked more than I thought possible. I lost weight quickly and much easier than I had expected. I was able to stay on the diet and always had someone from Dr. Tamayo’s office to talk to when I needed some advice or support. They have become very important friends to me.
It was very exciting to do this and is much better than any other diet I had ever tried.
I have now lost about 80 lbs. and I feel like a different person. I wake up every morning feeling great about this accomplishment and feel healthier than I ever have. My blood pressure is normal along with all my blood work. This all makes me feel great, but the best feeling is within me, knowing I did this and succeeded and I’m very proud to be myself. I not only look better, but I look healthier, I feel healthier and I am healthier.
This summer will be the summer I’ve wanted for so many years. I can take off my shirt to go swimming and not be self conscious. Now people can finally see my tattoos that were always covered with a tee shirt. I’ll also save some money, since I can shop in a regular department store and not have to go to the Big and Tall stores.
Everything about this weight loss is so positive from my physical condition to my emotional and mental state. I could not have done it without the help of Dr. Tamayo and his staff and I will always be very grateful for that.
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