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Judy, 45
Lost 40 lbs
"Fit for Life Medical Center has been a truly great diet. I was never hungry or felt like I was punishing myself."
I have always had problems keeping my weight down. I had a full hysterectomy when I was 34 yrs old and since then gained weight very rapidly and had much difficulty taking it off. Over the years I have tried numerous diets from liquids to just fruits and anything and everything else. One diet was just as difficult as the other and I was unable to keep off any weight that I had lost. I not only put it back on as soon as I started eating normally, but I seemed to actually gain more than I had lost.
Fit for Life Medical Center has been a truly great diet. I was never hungry or felt like I was punishing myself. I was able to lose weight at a decent pace and keep it off. After I lost 40 pounds, I was at the weight I wanted to be. I have successfully kept the weight off and have no problem feeling like I can’t eat.
This is the best diet anyone can use. It is very healthy and I was not once feeling tired or weak like I did with some of the other diets. I had more energy then I normally do and felt a tremendous difference physically.
Dr. Tamayo and his staff are top notch. They are extremely knowledgeable and very understanding to different peoples life styles and needs. It is truly one of the most supportive staffs I have ever been involved with. They far surpass Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. They make themselves available to you and are very realistic about weight loss and the difficulties that come along with it. It is a very easy staff to talk to and they are very comfortable to be around. I never left there feeling as though I should have accomplished more or they were disappointed in me. I always left with a very positive attitude, knowing that I could do this.
I have adjusted very well and really do not have to go out of my way to keep the weight off. This diet automatically gets you used to eating different amounts and eating properly without feeling like you’re on a diet. I learned that a major part of losing weight is the relationship you have with the people helping you and guiding you. Dr. Tamayo and staff are the key to my weight loss.
I feel great and get so many compliments. It is life changing in the most positive ways.
If you’re reading this then do yourself the biggest favor you can and call Dr. Tamayo’s office and join their weight loss clinic. You will never be sorry you made that first step and you’ll smile at yourself in the mirror everyday.
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